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Ride it bitch’

Ride it bitch’

Thursday, Feb 14th 2013.

Ok so it’s been so long since I have posted on here!! Happy valentines everyone by the way.

Just a quick update about whats going on for any of those who actually read my tumblr but I am still single. Me and S broke up and we decided to stay apart. She’s still a mate. Infact, she’s actually got a new boyfriend. So I wish her nothing but the best. 

I’m loving single life. I have a few girl mates who I can call up anytime and they’ll meet me or whatever and we’ll have sex - which is awesome. I’m still in touch with J and we’re still fucking each other. She’s got a man but that’s not my issue so whatever - I don’t care. I’m actually getting to see her tonight for a bit I think for some valentines sex. If she can’t make it as I know she’s got plans with her man, i’ll just ring up some of the other girls and get one over for sex. You cannot but have sex on valentines. Come on! 

So i’m excited. Sorry I haven’t been on - been busy. But hopefully i’ll be back now and keep all updated. 

Peace x

I'm a lesbian but for some reason you have me soooooo wet :O

This is what I like to hear ;) I’m all for lesbian chicks by the way - I think you’s are awesome!!!!! 3 sum? Ha joke. But thank you!!!!

Friday, Dec 14th 2012.

Haven’t updated in a while. Not much to say really. 

I’ve been fucking a lot of different girls recently. No strings attached sex. It’s the best way. I’m obviously very much so enjoying it. This is what single life is all about.

Isn’t it great to have hot chicks on tap at any time for sex? I think so. 

Friday, Nov 9th 2012.

I’m fucking 4 girls at the minute. They’re all fit as fuck and down for anything at any time. Life is good! 

Saturday, Oct 27th 2012.

Last night me and a few of the boys went clubbing - as we normally do most Friday nights, as well as Saturdays. Anyway, went to our usual club. It was packed as it’s Halloween weekend. Night started off really good. Me and the lads are single so we all go out in the search of bringing home a girl - that was my intention anyway. 

After about an hour or so I happened to be going to the gents and I spotted S sitting at one of the tables chatting to her girl mates that she was out with. I was quite shocked to see her - I don’t know why but it just took me by surprise. I smiled over and her and she waved back. Felt really rather awkward even though we are still mates and civil with each other after splitting up.

I didn’t see her for ages after that. The talent in the club was rubbish - there wasn’t many bang tidy girls out tonight so I decided to go over and chat S. We spoke for a while and had a laugh together. Was actually really lovely catching up. We joked to each other about being out clubbing and if either of us had found any decent looking people that we’d kissed. She hadn’t either.

S and myself shared quite a few kisses as we sat and chatted in the club. The rest of her girls were up dancing and my boys were out doing the same if not at the bar getting pissed. Lol. S was looking seriously hot and I couldn’t resist not sticking my tongue down her throat! When it was time to leave as the club was closing, I asked S did she want to come back to mine. She said OK  So we got a taxi back to my house and we joked about how this was like old times with us as it’s what we would have normally done when we were an item. Anyway - we chilled out at mine for about another hour and had a cup of tea etc and watched tv. Then I decided to just go for it and plant the move on her. Started kissing her and feeling her up and then we went to my bed and had awesome sex!! Result. Woke up this morning quite shocked that I went out last night to bring home a random girl and I end up with my ex.. Anyway, S left after I made her breakfast and we both agreed this was just a bit of fun and that neither of us were expecting it to mean we were back together or anything. I actually wouldn’t mind if S was added to my list of chicks I could just ring up and fuck. That would be pretty wicked. I’m gonna try hard to persuade her to do that. Obviously none of the girls I fuck are aware that i’m fucking not only them but others. They like to consider themselves the lucky ones.. shhh. :P Thee end.

Tuesday, Oct 23th 2012.

Ok so as you know myself and S are no longer together. I have to say since then i’ve been taking full advantage of single life. I’ve been out clubbing at every chance i’ve got and have met a few girls since. M and another girl N. (those are the initials I will be referring them to as I don’t want to give out their full name). Anyway, met both girls on separate occasions on a night out. Have seen them both since. Obviously not at the same time. M is a wild girl. She’s down for anything and a good shag. We’ve fucked a few times. N is a little more reserved and just likes hanging out at the minute. I’d quite like to fuck her so i’m going along with it for the time being. I don’t mind waiting a while as i’ve M to fuck when I want. 

I got in contact again with J yesterday. I thought now that i’m single i’d like to kick start what we had going again. It was exciting and adventurous. Plus, she’s engaged so i’m pretty sure the thrill of fucking another mans woman will still give me that extra bit of excitement that I loved when I was with S. I’ll try get on her asap. 

Thats the update for now. 3 chicks and counting. Life is good. YOLO.

Friday, Oct 12th 2012.

I finished with S today!!

Me getting with other girls was starting to happen all over again despite me vowing that it wouldn’t after last time…but it has so I feel the best thing to do is to just end my relationship with S. 

Obviously i’m really sad about having to do that but that’s just how life goes. I couldn’t do the whole cheating behind her back again. It’s not right. 

Sunday, Sept 30th 2012.

Ok…. Me and S are still together and things were going so well until last night.

We were out clubbing and she had a little too much to drink and saw me chatting a girl and went bonkers. Started using me as a human punching bag. Was so out of character but sometimes that’s what drink does to you. Anyway, her friend said she’d take her home as it was still early and I didn’t wanna go home just yet and her friend offered so it worked out well. 

J was in the club at the other end with her friends. She came over and chatted to me and asked was S here. I told her the story briefly. So yea we chatted and got caught up. She offered me sex at the end of the night to which I said no. I wasn’t in the mood. But…. she then give me a hug and whispered ‘i’ll do all the work’. I literally just thought ‘fuck it’.. and we got a taxi and went back to mine. Got into bed. I lay there.. she sucked me hard and then started grinding on my cock! It felt amazing. I really didn’t have to do anything!!! then as time went on obv I couldn’t resist sucking her tits and licking her pussy.  After, she got herself together and got a taxi home.

I do feel terribly bad about all today. I said it wouldn’t ever happen again :/ S texted me saying sorry this morning. I’ll be seeing her later.  

Sunday, Sept 9th 2012

So last time i blogged it was about me and S getting back together. Things are going so well for us both lately. Been spending a lot of time together. 

We’re just home a few days ago from Napa. We took a holiday together and decided to go there for a week. Was lovely. Sun sea and sex! What more could anyone want?

It give us a chance to really just have some alone time away from everyone at home and it really has done us the world of good. Depressed being home.


Saturday, 11th August 2012.


I’m so happy to announce that myself and S are now a couple again since the 30th July. As you know from my last post I was due to go to Zante on a lads holiday - unfortunately due to family reasons, very very very last minute, I was unable to attend. I decided to arrange a meet up with S and just generally spend time with her as we’ve still hung out together since we split and I just love being around her. So we did meet and had a good long chat about everything and I think we both realized that we do still adore each other and miss each other so we decided to try again.

It’s as if we never split in the first place. The small break apart has done us both good and I can genuinely say that I know what a complete idiot I was to ever ever EVER cheat on S.

She doesn’t know about all that and i’m not going to tell her either. I’d rather just forget about it. I’ve cut all ties with any girls that i’d been fucking and am just gonna concentrate on the girl i love and being with her. 

I think I needed to get that little phase out of my system and to know that S isn’t mine and that I could lose her at any point like I did give me a massive wake up call. 

I’ll still come on and post any sexual experiences that I have with S. 


Is your blog done with now that you're single :( I really enjoyed your stories

Hey. I’m back. Sorry I haven’t been on in ages. No my blog isn’t done with. I’ll still be uploading the sexual stories I experience. ;)

Wednesday, July 25th 2012.

Ok so I haven’t posted in ages!!! Its been so long. As you know myself and S called time on our relationship due to being at different places in our life. It was mostly work related but anyway, we’re still awesome mates and occasionally do meet up and spend time with each other whenever we can and fuck each other. So it’s nice :)

I went to Malia last month (June) with the boys for a week. Was a pure sex feast. A few different girls every night. That’s what you do on holiday though right? In the pool, balcony, bed, club toilets…everywhere. The chicks over there are so dirty. 

I’m going to Zante tomorrow with a different set of lads for a week and cannot wait!!! Gonna be one hell of a week. I’ll let you’s all know how it goes when I get back home. ;) So excited.

Haven’t seen J in a while or any of the other girls. I haven’t been as sexually active as I was when I was with S, my ex girlfriend. I was really cut up that we had to call time on our relationship so maybe thats why. 

Anyway, that’s the update for now really. So excited for what lies ahead this next week!! Chat you’s all when I’m back :)



…and this video also.. What’s the name of it and where can I watch it?? Please!!

…and this video also.. What’s the name of it and where can I watch it?? Please!!